Grease-proof papers and other special products

Grease-proof papers from 30 to 60 g. This is a pure pulp opaque product which has been carefully treated for contact with greasy foods. Perfect for fast food bags and cookie and butter packages. After slip-easy treatment this paper can be used for manufacturing various types of baking cups.

Our grease-proof paper is also silicone coated to obtain parchment paper for pastries and baked goods.

Vegetable parchment from 50 to 65 g. This paper provides an excellent grease barrier and therefore can be used as a wrapper for butter and margarine. This is a top quality product.

Special products: Our range includes a series of semi-finished products for special wrappers (pharmaceutical and food) and treated paper for special uses including:
- Anti-fungal treated paper for soap wrappers
- Paper for yogurt lids
- Ice cream cone paper
- Crimping paper for tea bags

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