CARTONAL is a well established company that puts its wealth of experience in the sector and excellent business relations, which it has always maintained with its vast customer base on international markets, to good use. The company is always in tune with the times, even when it comes to the development of new materials that appear on the market every day.

Not only does CARTONAL provide technical and sales assistance on paper and flexible packaging material to its customers but, with foresight, it also supports customers through financial assistance and the correct management of inventory in order to minimize costs.

Lines of Credit and Financing
Fully aware of the financial commitment that the customer must sustain when purchasing large quantities or paying in hard currency, Cartonal offer its customers lines of credit and short and long-term payment plans that make it easier to do business. 

The advanced logistic system enables the production department and shipping department to handle and manage the orders and supplies with ease, thus improving delivery times and warehouse management with substantial economic advantages for the end customer.

Technical and Laboratory Support
CARTONAL’s team of highly qualified personnel who are experts in the field are always on hand to deliver technical support during all stages: before, during, and after the sale. By sourcing the most appropriate materials and ensuring superior machine performance, the customer gets the best value out of the purchase.

what we offer to you

  • Lines of Credit and Financing
  • Logistics
  • Technical and Laboratory Support