PE-coated paper by extrusion coating

We manufacture a wide range of PE-coated paper which is made by extruding polyethylene on a paper surface to obtain a protective barrier against moisture or to make food bags and pouches easier to seal.

Different combinations of substance and types of paper and polyethylene are available and vary depending on the customer’s or end user’s preference.

The papers used can be:
- Machine-glazed
- One side coated
- Calendered

The choice of paper depends mostly on the type of finish and printing desired for the final product and packaging in general. For example, one side coated papers are perfect where excellent printability is required.

The extrusion can be made with matt, glossy, or white PE.

PE-coated papers are mainly used for sugar pouches, freeze-dried food, soups, pet food, powdered drinks, and medicines, but also for packaging reams of paper.

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