Machine glazed– glossy – calendered paper

Pure pulp or partially recycled machine glazed paper from 18 to 120 g, used for flexographic printing and suitable for transformation processes, lamination with PE and aluminium and for the production of food bags and packaging. This paper is also available unbleached.

One-side coated paper from 40 to 100 g used for rotogravure and flexographic printing. Perfect for PE and aluminium lamination, used for food packaging and has excellent printability and resistance characteristics.

Calendered paper from 35/40 g to 60 g has a high degree of whiteness and opacity and is perfect for high quality packaging of food products such as chocolate, powdered drinks, and chewing gum. Also available in a twistable version for candies/sweets. This paper can be laminated with film and aluminium or wax coated.

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